Bake Me has been quiet over the last few months – for a brand that’s usually quite active, do you want to share what’s been happening?

In November 2022. I was diagnosed with grade 2 breast cancer. It definitely wasn’t part of the plan and it  put a bit of a spanner in the works for myself and Bake Me!

That’s pretty big news to take. Did you decide immediately to stop working on Bake Me?

No, initially there were lots of tests and appointments, so whilst I was fit and well enough to keep everything going, I focused my energies on my family and Bake Me. It was a welcome distraction while waiting for a treatment plan to be put in place.  I had already committed to attending a number of fairs and shows so I couldn’t let the organisers down. Baking has always been a passion of mine so it provided some much needed processing and thinking time.

When you found out about your diagnosis, were you tempted to stop everything and call it a day for Bake Me

Absolutely not!
I have put my heart and soul into building the Bake Me brand and you can’t just switch off something like that. It was difficult news to hear, but I knew that with  treatment I could be cured.
I wanted to carry on as normal, however chemo took its toll and I couldn’t give Bake Me my all.  So I decided to take a break and give myself the chance to get better.

So, you’ve been having treatment – how’s it going?

After a mastectomy I had 6 rounds of chemotherapy and lymph node removal and am now on the route to recovery. The analysis of my lymph nodes has shown NO sign of any cancerous cells, so I am delighted that I can now slowly but surely improve and take each step as it comes. Radiotherapy is next to ensure that we have done everything to beat this cancer.

After that is all over I will continue to have regular checks so I am beginning to feel more positive and with lots of support from family and friends, I am ready to pick up with Bake Me again.

That’s fantastic news! You clearly have a positive outlook on life and are ready to get back in the driving seat with Bake Me, so, what’s next?

You can expect to see Bake Me at Penistone Agricultural Show on 9th September, followed by Thoresby Festival of Food and Drink on 16th/17th September. If you cannot get to see us at these events, the shop is back online and taking orders.

It’s been quiet, but Bake Me is back, and I can’t wait to start sending products out to my fantastic customers again. The purpose of Bake Me was to get people in the kitchen, spending time doing something fun with loved ones and this feels more relevant than ever…..